Directed by Erwin van den IJssel
Comissioner    ︎    Red Bull

Red Bull aimed for a video that motivates viewers to keep up the spirits during the Covid-19 global lockdown. Athletes from different disciplines come together to celebrate their best skills in energy packed film. The concept: to switch from the indoors to outdoors in an unpredicatable ways.

My roles: Executive Producer (along with my colleague Annejes van Liempd), Producer and Post-Production Producer.
Production took place in 9 countries - Austria, The Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, India, Japan and USA.

The biggest challenge: aligning with production partners around the globe and preparing remote shoots simultaneously in different time zones.
The clarity of the concept, structured briefs and nuanced communication were the keys to make this project come to life.

The scale of the project is well documented in the BTC video.

︎ Global Production, Global Team, COVID Production, Athlentes, RedBull, Concept